Frank X & The project: Earth

by Frank X

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This is the epic parody of the origin of mankind featuring none others then God himself, Lucifer, Adam & Eve, Jesus
and many more.
Enter this strange musical journey through time and space where those outstanding characters will dramatically change
the course of humanity's evolution.


released October 31, 2015

Music and Lyrics by Frank X
Engineered by François Dallaire
Recorded at Utopix Studios (Canada)



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Frank X

Frank X has studied to become a score composer and been playing his trade for almost 30 years.
His passion for music has been enhanced with various artistic projects such as movies directing and acting, 3D animations, score composing, arrangements, mixing, scripting and poems.

Now expressing all these rich experiences into a unique musical vibe reflecting the moods of his bursting imagination.
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Track Name: The Prince of Darkness
The Prince of darkness

I am the prince of darkness
And I shall rise from underground
I am daring and fearless
I'm back to settle my accounts

You will proclaim my name
Down on your knees or in line to die
Chaos, Terror and pain
Tears will be raining in thunder cries

Fallen angels come from above
Grab up your cross
Doom's upon us
There's no way out
better to be dead

I am the prince of darkness
I will corrupt you from inside
And I will turn the faultless
To something dark and horrifying

For your breakfast bloodshed
Love will be hate; truth will be lies
I will be using your weakness
To lead you against your own kind
Track Name: The Nephilims
The Nephilims

What should I do, I need a hand
The Nephilims
These apes are simple mortal men
I need them strong, bright and quick
How could I realize my plan
The Nephilims
I need to make them understand
Need a boost for their brains

Another one
Gimme some more
Just one more time
I love it tight

What are those lights across the skies
The Nephilims
What exactly they have in mind
Taking women away
Once naked some of them might have a bad feeling
Now get ready it's fucking time and let's give them babies

Everlasting bumpy bellies dance
It is a time of love that comes down from above
Join the farandole of love
The widest contest of pregnancy
Delivery is coming up
Can you hear babies cries
It's just the apetizer
So much smarter and bigger and stronger
Please welcome my sweet mighty men
Track Name: Satan's lesson
Music & Lyrics by Frank X
Engineered by François Dallaire
Recorded at Utopix Studios (Canada)
Track Name: War Dance
War Dance

Spreading the blood; scenes of butchery
Rampage over the world
Screaming the words of supremacy
By the tongue of a sword
Totally blinded by ecstasy
Hear them asking for more
Lust for power; frantic lunacy
Is what they are fighting for

Slamming in, swinging out
Join us and let's dance
Spearing in, crushing out
Weapons are my new friends

The ground is corpses, red is the sea
The stench blows in the air
Act of Lucifer's conspiracy
Apes are not even aware
All souls spoiled by his treachery
Rewards and gold for their crimes
They have been told it's their destiny
They have nothing else in mind
Track Name: The Secret Garden
The secret garden

How hard we try to stay alive, we dont deserve this
No choice to hide and to stand by till danger's gone away
All of our kind we left behind no longer exist
Need a new place to hide away far from here

Is there someone above the sky who can help and save us
If you are there give us a sign

Armies of Darkness now too close, we are exhausted
Surrounding us, raising their swords, screaming their arrogance
No place to hide, a cliff stands behind, our death is certain
soldiers are smiling while our bodies fall in the night

Crawling on the shore out of this so pure and clear water
Where did we fall, it's wonderful ! This place is awesome !
What will happen now ? Is this how it should be ? What are we meant for ?
God bless us all !
Track Name: The Deceit
The deceit

She looks like an angel so pretty and neat
She's here to break my plan and corrupt my army
Cant resist her beauty
Cant resist her speech
How to get rid of her
I have to find this Eve, Adam and the Apple tree
I have to stop their access to immortality
There's no more time to waste
There's no more time to wait
Find that secret garden

Feel my sweet breath on your neck
Hear my whispers in your head

Why dont you meet my army of mighty men
Let's feel their hot sweat and the bloody flesh
Be their magic queen, be my sweety Eve,be the mother of their children
It's Pleasure of the flesh
Let's Show your bumpy breast
It's so Nice having sex with my evil apes
Feel the ecstasy that's boiling in your veins
Follow the way of the wicked

Fear my power on your fate
Feel the cold skin of my snake
Track Name: The Flood
The Flood

What Am I gonna do? How should I deal with this?
What the fuck he did to the earth?
I gotta find a way; I gotta save their lives
My planet's in the pool; The Lord is just a fool
What can I do to save my world
Mankind is sinking down; Evil apes gonna die
Let's find the smartest one and bring him all the tools
Let's build this huge awesome Ark
Pack it up to the roof; You have to save them all
Falling down from the sky; The water's on its run
You better start to move on
You are the one to prove you are not meant to die

Here comes the flood

The doom is upon you; The waves are sweeping strong
What the fuck are you waiting for?
Move your ass in the Ark; Don't miss to close the door
You might not be in the mood; I don't care of what you say
Just shut up and sail the Ark
Keep your eyes opened wide and check out for the shore
Thunder is rumbling loud; Lightning is striking down
The wind is blowing all away
Water is all around; This is clearly the end
Hull's wood is cracking down; People are freaking out
Ark is about to break apart
Is this how it should end; All sunk and blown away
Track Name: Babylon

Let's sail beyond that bright rainbow
Put your toes in the sand
Let's show me how bold you are mighty men
It's time to pick up your shovels
Dig, dig and dig again
Let's build the world at my image

Medicine and drugs shall be promoted
Alcohol and cigarettes
Bad will, violence, lies and laziness
Bad news on radio and TV
Newspaper and web
Horror movies playing on all channels

Raise up the buildings and the towers
Build higher and higher
Big castles, factories, computers
Smokestacks spitting their poison

Welcome to the greatest wonder
The one and only Babylon the sweet
You better stop in the city of futur
Where you can find everything to please

Eat junk food all the way everyday
Smoking up your brain
Keep it going on and on till the end

Raising up the crooks and the liars
Have sex, money and power
Thefts, Cheats and tricks are required
Learn how to become a monster
Track Name: The Chao$
Haze of doom is wrapping hearts and souls
Hatred and despair or fear
Final Weapon now shall be deployed
Fateful knell has called money

Tag a price on all things you can own
Mint the coins of lechery
Subjugated by thy shiny gold
Beg for loans until bankruptcy

Money to control them all around the world
stinginess unfolds till slavery for all

While the rich are walking on the poor
wealth chokes under misery
Then wealthy gets rotten to the core
And love slowly turns to greed

Money to control them all around the world
Pennies are your gods; Borrow to get love

Frank X & the project Earth
Copyright 2015(c)
Track Name: The Son
What if I give you bread
Will you allow me to say a word
If I feed you with fish
would you accept me by your side
Turning water to wine
Will you agree to let me drink as well
If I surf on the sea
Could we be friends or at least give a try

When I try to be cool
Please tell me why you still look so mean
If I'm healing you all
Won't you stop saying that I'm just a liar
If I tell you the truth
Do you think they will crucify me
If I share you my love
Why the fuck are you putting me on trial

But I'm The Son of God
For sure I'm gonna die

Filius Dei crucifixus

Most of you are just fools
Please tell me why can't we live in peace
When I forgive you all
Why are you getting so much angry
Then you asked for the truth
But you are surely not ready to hear it
I'd better to shut down
And get the fuck out of this crazy planet

And though I show them love
I will be crucified

Frank X & the project Earth
Copyright 2015(c)
Track Name: The Doom
While people keep struggling to stay alive
Odd gears keep driving evil paradigms
Ignorance shadows wrapping misty minds
Tomorrow's forecast shows much darker skies

Another day has come, another hell
More deads and corpses lying here and there
What else should they expect then terror times
Raging hysteric and psychotic crimes

Doom upon us all
It is coming
Death is arising among the living
Mankind is about to fall

Evil expanding beyond understanding
Black hearts shine above the stars

Clock's ticking much faster they're almost done
Using up last ressources they could find
What will be left once they will all be gone
Ashes, dust and radio active slime

Frank X & the project Earth
Copyright 2015(c)